Automatic control of mobile devices

Nokia 6630 we have developed a system to the automatic control of mobile devices and offer our services to you. Most abilities of a mobile phone can be simulated, however, in the end the test is still necessary by hand to carry out a really certainly functional check. Exactly here our system begins, while we use real mobile phones, however, the laborious and service faulty above all by hand substitute by an automatic control. You can test our system trough the link to our testsuite.

Elektronik The mobile phones are connected electrically to a control developed by us and all functions of the device can be operated electronically. Besides, we limit ourselves not to the functions which are offered by a production interface or protocols, but steer all functions also through a human operator can be operated. In addition, we are able to do special functions as the turning on and switch offing of the device or switching off the accumulator voltage carry out to the Reset of the device easily. Likewise solutions were already realised for the change by SIM cards.

Atmega 32 A microcontroller takes over the control of the functions. A very easy control above the serial interface is thereby possible. Therefore the mobile phones can be served comfortably about a web interface. In the easiest case the mobile phones are served directly about the mouse, however, the real advantages appear with an automated control about taped order chains. Therefore, for example, hourly tests of certain functionalities can be carried out and documented by Screenshots. This system does not limit itself to key mobile phones separate is also suitable for touchscreens and already successfully tested. Besides, no functions of the mobile phone are simulated and we do not count on proprietäre interfaces.

Interface To continue strictly this thought, we film the real display picture of the mobile phone and make available this picture in the web interface. Therefore one sees what shows the display really and not what it should show. Besides, the quality of the picture is dependent only of the quality of the used camera. The development of the system is carried out at the moment in Sweden and we are interested very much in a collaboration. I am available for further information and conversations any time,